About the Proposals category

How can we make Node Runners better? Whether it’s a new card idea, fees, emissions, gameplay or anything else, all proposals are welcome here.

When creating a new proposal make sure to:

  1. Stick to the auto-generated template.
  2. Write a concise title with no number. The number will be added by moderators once on-chain voting starts.
  3. Add understandable aka non-tech “Explain Like I’m 5” summary.
  4. Add an abstract: what will be done if the NIP is implemented (keep it below 200 words).
  5. Write a longer motivation with links and references if necessary.
  6. Add specifications if necessary.
  7. Formulate clear for and against positions.
  8. Include a poll to measure sentiment (public, results on vote).
  9. Keep discussion going for at least 3 days.

Proposals execution order:

proposal > discussion > NIP creation > snapshot vote > conclude > execute

Proposals Acceptance and Rejection

For any proposal to be considered for NIP, it must reach a quorum of at least 30 votes.
Governance Facilitator or Ops Team will determine if consensus has been reached for the content of the NIP. If there are changes necessary, they will synthesize/modify in a comment which will then be pushed forward to snapshot.

Carelessly submitted proposals will be rejected. This includes low-quality proposals, proposals for previously-rejected features, or those that don’t fit into the near-term roadmap.

When a decision is made, it will be clearly signalled on the proposal’s thread. Regardless of acceptance or rejection, if the reasoning is not clear from the discussion in thread, the team will provide a rationale for the decision. All community members are encouraged to challenge any decisions that they think have been made in error.

Next Steps

After a NIP is accepted, the Node Runners core development team will add the implementation details to the development backlog. When relevant to the circumstances, it may include an indication of priority and estimated delivery date (where possible).