NIP #1 - NDR allocation

Node Runners DAO has launched without a presale and it was completely self funded by the team members. The goal is to make Node Runners DAO a self-sustainable organisation that benefits all its members.
Further growth requires funding which team members will not be able to provide in a long term. Therefore we propose to change the initial NDR allocation.

Currently the biggest amount of unused assets in Villain staking contract, which holds 6400 NDR or 22% of total NDR supply. Although it does provide motivation to collect cards, however such large allocation would make Node Runners DAO unsustainable, since most of the rewards would be just sold on the market in a short period of time.

The proposal is to change 6300 NDR allocation in the following way:

Marketing - 1400 NDR - 5% of total supply
Grants program - 560 NDR - 2% of total supply
Treasury - 3000 NDR - 10.7% of total supply
Villain staking - 1340 NDR - 4.8% of total supply

Up to this day the team was funding growth related expenses to bootstrap the organisation. However long term development and growth is not possible without funding or regular source of income.

The funds from the Villain staking would be withdrawn and allocated to new addresses.
Funds usage would be decided by community vote, later on we will implement on-chain multisig vote to approve bigger amounts.
Below are the areas for which funds would be allocated:

Goal: to promote Node Runners and attract a wider NFT audience.
Amount: 1400 NDR - 5% of total supply
Decision making: team and community

Use of funds:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing campaigns
  • Promotional videos
  • Contests / Giveaways
  • Press releases
  • Liquidity mining rewards and CEX fees.
  • Partnerships

Grants program

Goal - benefit NDR and NFT holders and develop areas for which team does not have enough resources.
Decision making: community
Amount: 560 NDR - 2% of total supply

Use of funds:

  • Product development by community members that would improve Node Runners ecosystem.

  • NFT platforms that would bring more utility to Node Runners NFTs.

  • New products in NFT x DeFi space that could benefit Node Runners ecosystem.

Goal: Have funds that could be used for future product initiatives, grants, compensations, audits, rewards, CEX listing fees.

Decision making: community
Amount: 3000 NDR - 10.7% of total supply

Villain staking rewards

Goal: incentivize demand for Villain cards and cards collection.
Decision making: community
Amount: 1340 NDR - 4.8% of total supply

Use of funds:
Villain cards staking rewards

Change Villain pool NDR allocation to fund further growth.

Keep Villain pool allocation as it is.

  • For
  • Against

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I would like to increase the Villains Pool. This is one major step for all NDR Card buyers and fighting Villains will not be easy nor without some loss of NDR Health Points, as far as i understood it.
The step after villains was PVP and group fights right?
This pool should be like 10%.
Therefore I would suggest to reduce Treasury and Grants allocation.
What do you think?

I’m for the rebalancing, however slashing the villains pool is too severe as thats what we where all waiting for since the beginning. The grants allocation should stay at least as in the proposal. I’d reduce the treasury, on the premise that it is reserved for the long term, and then each NDR will be much more valuable. In the unlikely event that it won’t the treasury will be of no use anyway.


  1. Villains 10%
  2. Treasury 5%

100% down with the suggested amounts, obviously we look at giving villains utility when the NDR allocation is emptied

What will be the impact of DROPS platform on the rebalancing ?